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Give your zakat and charity to support spread Clarity in Chaos. Help the Islamic Scholars Fund raise $200,000 by year’s end to support the most deserving scholars and students around the world--scholars and students who embody the Prophetic light and legacy.

"The insight and wisdom of what's being done at SeekersHub is astounding. I'm embarrassed more people don't support it." — Imam Siraj Wahhaj

"After we had our first baby, I was afraid this journey of knowledge would come to an end. For many women, this is why they can't continue studying. But alhamdulillah, the Islamic Scholars Fund has supported me and allowed me to continue my studies." — Fund Recipient

"If I had one Dirham and I was in the East and I heard there was a student of knowledge in the West, I would send that money to the person in the west in order for them to learn" - Our Mother, Aisha (R.A) 

Donations made on this page are made in CAD and are tax deductible ONLY IN CANADA. 

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