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Jazakum Allah Khair for choosing to support SeekersHub.

Upon completing your donation, you will receive a tax receipt in the inbox of the email you provide.  

Donations made on this page are made in CAD and are completely tax deductible ONLY IN CANADA.

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If you have any further questions or need help, please feel free to email us at: finance@seekershub.org.


About SeekersHub

SeekersHub is a non-profit Islamic educational portal. It is our mission to make sound knowledge from reliable scholars available anywhere, at any time, through online courses, on-the-ground seminars, engaging and inspiring Islamic media and through our Answers service — completely free of cost, with our Knowledge without Barriers initiative.

SeekersHub was established to fulfill the communal obligation (fard kifaya) of cultivating individuals and communities through the spread of knowledge. We take this obligation seriously. It is our goal to reach all segments of the Muslim community, excluding no one, and to operate on a large enough scale that anyone who wishes to learn will have the opportunity.

SeekersHub is a donor supported organization. That means we need your help.